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Tuesday, December 4, 2012 @ 03:12 PM
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Madison, WI Lung Cancer concerns

Prevent Lung Cancer with Radon Gas MitigationLung cancer is often thought to be something that only affects those that smoke cigarettes religiously, but this is turning out to be far from the truth. Recent studies have shown that 16% of all cases of lung cancer are due to radon gas. Radon gas is not mentioned in the news, or media frequently, but it does contribute to more deaths on an annual basis than drunk driving.

Killing more than 20,000 people each year, it is easy to understand why radon gas is a serious concern for your health. Whether or not your Madison home has a radon gas mitigation system may be a life changing decision. Before you invest your time and money into a radon gas mitigation system, it is important to familiarize yourself with radon, where it comes from, and how it affects you.

Radon Gas Mitigation in Madison

Living in Madison, WI may put you at a greater risk to radon gas exposure than other areas. Radon levels pretty much strictly depend on the amount of uranium in the soil of a given area. Radon gas forms from uranium breaking down in the soil. This is an organic process that cannot be prevented. As radon gas is emitted, it may enter the smallest of spaces because it is in a gaseous state.

As a gas, radon may seep into ground water supplies, foundations of homes, and even basements. Entering through the small spaces, it can quickly reach you. Madison residents have to beware, because even if your home is not built on a slab of uranium, your water supply may be located close enough where radon gas enters through your water supply. In rare cases, radon has even been found in building materials.

Calling a Radon Gas Mitigation Specialist in Madison, WI

It is important that you call an expert to handle your radon gas mitigation in Madison, WI. Your health is at risk, and as previously mentioned there are a multitude of ways radon gas may enter your home. Having a professional who is experienced with all of these ways, and how to properly deal with them, is the key in having your Madison home full of only clean air.

At S.W.A.T. Environmental, we pride ourselves on providing the finest radon gas mitigation system installation in all of the United States. We are the nation’s largest and most trusted brand. Local to Madison, WI, we are familiar with all of the Madison area specific radon problems, and how to deal with them. A properly installed radon gas mitigation system may reduce levels of radon by as much as 99%. Having a professional from S.W.A.T. Environmental treat your home will provide the peace of mind you deserve. Remember to test your home to determine whether or not radon gas mitigation is necessary, then give us a call for a free quote on radon gas mitigation.