Air Purification Systems – Madison, Wisconsin

The Need for Safety: Air Purification Systems in Madison, Wisconsin

Air Purification Madison WisconsinWhen we consider home and business place safety, it is common to focus on visible risk factors such as stairs, sharp corners, or malfunctioning electronics. However, some of the most dangerous risk factors are not detectable by sight, taste, or smell. In Madison, Wisconsin, one such air contaminant can cause potentially huge health risks for residents and workers. Radon is a carcinogen that enters buildings through cracks in the walls or foundation or through the water supply. This inhalant is the second leading cause of lung cancer, trailing only cigarette smoking as a cause of the disease. Property owners in Madison, Wisconsin must take this risk seriously.

Madison, Wisconsin is in the highest risk category for radon, according to statistics from the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Radon levels in the Madison, Wisconsin region measure 4 picocuries per liter (pCi/L) or higher. This high risk levels mean that homeowners and business owners in the Madison, Wisconsin should call for radon testing and invest in radon mitigation. One solution to radon contamination is the use of air purification systems.

If you think your home or business may have a radon problem or if your property has never been tested, our radon mitigation team based in Madison, Wisconsin will be happy to visit you on site and carry out the necessary testing. We will advise you on the appropriate radon mitigation steps that your property may need, and our radon mitigation contractors will install an air purification system to meet the specific needs of your home or business. We use high-quality materials that are proven to reduce the presence of radon and work efficiently and to your requirements.

Air purification systems do not solely address radon and can help reduce the presence of other Madison, Wisconsin allergens and contaminants. Other potentially risky pollutants that can be found in the Madison, Wisconsin area include dust, dust mites, mold, pollen, pet dander, tobacco smoke, or other chemical remnants. Our air purification systems can help address these issues, as needed.

Why You Should Trust Our Air Purification Professionals

The typical measured levels of radon in Madison, Wisconsin put it in the highest possible risk category for radon contamination. Local governments often enact laws to provide for the proper testing and mitigation of radon, and our radon mitigation team is certified to assist you with these regulations in mind. Hiring our Madison, Wisconsin team will ensure not only your future safety but the legality and code necessities of installing any radon mitigation or air purification system.

Despite a plethora of air purification systems being available online or in Madison, Wisconsin stores, not all of them address radon mitigation needs. Because of this, it is important that property owners hire professionals for the crucial task of radon mitigation as they know what types of filters are necessary and most fitting you’re your particular radon problem. If you think your Madison, Wisconsin property may have a radon problem, call our air purification specialists for a consultation.