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Friday, October 26, 2012 @ 08:10 PM
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Air Quality of Madison, WI Observed

Madison Indoor Air QualityThe air quality of Madison, Wisconsin recently came under fire. As you may know already, there are extreme health risks associated with poor air quality for both inside, and outside of your Madison home. This essentially means that now, more than ever, you should be careful about the quality of air you are inhaling as pollutants are being discovered to cause dramatic, adverse, health risks.

The EPA has studied air quality among various groups. Nearly everyone is at risk. Children with developing lungs, elders with preexisting lung conditions, and anyone who is active and spends a great amount of time outdoors can elevate themselves for health risks. Some of the health risks you may experience in Madison because of poor air quality are shortness of breath, tightness in the chest, increased asthma, permanent lung damage, or even death. Every year roughly 2 million people die because of poor indoor air quality. Over an additional million die because of poor outdoor air quality.

Causes of Poor Air Quality in Madison

To understand what is the main cause of all of these deaths, we must take a look into what causes poor air quality. Radon gas is a major concern for Madison residents, and is a cause of lung cancer. Radon gas is commonly known as the silent killer, because you cannot see or smell it. The source of radon gas is broken down uranium, which is naturally occurring in your soil. Because of its source, radon gas can be found nearly anywhere.

Across the United States, approximately one out of every fifteen homes has inadequate levels of radon gas. Although the foundation of your Madison home would seem to be a safe barrier, this gas can seep through, entering your home, and raging havoc on your health. Every year approximately 20,000 people die because of lung cancer associated with radon gas.

While radon gas is a major player in contributors to poor air quality, there are a number of other sources. The other main concerns from the EPA are sulfur dioxide, carbon monoxide, ground level ozone, and particle pollution. The sources of these pollutants come from vehicles, power plants, burning of coal and other natural resources, residential burnings, forest fires, other burnings, and several other sources.

Repair Poor Air Quality in Madison

Madison residents do not have to sweat about poor air quality. S.W.A.T. Environmental specializes in air quality improvement, and has the tools you need for radon reduction, or just overall air quality improvement. With decades of experience, all the necessary certifications, and knowledge to get the job done correctly, your Madison home can see dramatic improvements to its air quality. We are able to reduce radon levels by as much as 99%, and reduce the levels of other pollutants as well. Do not subject yourself to permanent lung damage, and contact us today for a free quote.